April 24, 2024

And They Marry Their Cousins Too

The Houston Chronicle says that Arkansas state rep. Pam Adcock is trying again to change state House rules that ban a cup of water on a desk but allow a day’s worth of tobacco juice.

Tobacco juice?!

I was unaware that this substance was, well, a commodity of any kind.  I’m imagining it as a state-subsidized, low-cost substitute for Cran-Grape.  And yet somehow I doubt that the Florida citrus growers association is trembling at the thought of competition from the Arkannies.

Rep. Pam Adcock said she will propose next week a ban on chewing tobacco from that chamber’s floors or committee rooms.

House Speaker Benny Petrus said he didn’t know how much support there would be to snuff out snuff among House members.

“I’ve never paid attention over the years to how many people chew. I don’t do it, so I certainly don’t mind if they stopped,” Petrus said.

Meanwhile, Mike Huckabee, who’s been spitting in the wind these last few months, has decided to change his state of residence, at least until this issue blows over.


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