June 17, 2024

Islamist Nearly Lands School Board Position

Yesterday Patrick Poole wrote a must-read article about Anisa Abd El Fattah aka Caroline F. Keeble, an active promoter of Hamas’ agenda here in the U.S., came close to becoming a member of the school board in Columbus, Ohio.

The reason a Hamas operative almost ended up on the school board of the 15th largest school district in the country was that she has been using two separate identities: her Muslim convert name, Anisa Abd El Fattah (lit., “Anisa, servant of the conquest”), when she was publicly defending the terrorist organization Hamas; and her given name, Caroline Keeble, when she was operating in Columbus and circulating amongst the city’s political and cultural elite. As the pictures below clearly show, any uninformed observer would hardly realize that the two individuals were actually the same person.


Excellent disguise, judging from the pics.

The gist of the letter that helped Poole track her down:

Until Israel, which is the illegal and belligerent occupier according to international law, comes into compliance with the law, Israel, and those who are also violating the law by funding, supporting and facilitating the criminal occupation of Palestine, can expect to bear the responsibility for the violent and other illegal acts carried out against the Palestinian people by the state of Israel, and also by the criminal Jewish settlers to whom Hurwitz refers as Israeli civilians, while, by definition, the law refers to them as criminal trespassers, vandals, terrorists and war criminals.

Read it all.


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