May 28, 2024

Guy’s Inspiring Business Story of the Year

Read Guy Kawasaki’s interview with Aziza Mohmmand, an Afghani female entrepreneur – wow. Prime Q&A:

Question: What did you like the most and the least about America?

Answer: What I liked was the discipline in driving, great roads, advancement in the infrastructure of the country, respect, cooperation of people with each other, the value of human beings, execution of the law, hard-working people, peaceful environment, and beautiful nature. During my stay in the US, there was nothing that I didn’t like.

Question: What would happen if America pulled its troops out of Afghanistan?

Answer: The US forces allied with the international peacekeeping troops are the major support for peace in Afghanistan. Without their active support, bloodshed will cover all the country and people of Afghanistan will no longer experience peace.

Makes me wish we’d kept our nose out of Iraq until we’d civilized Afghanistan (or forever).


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