April 18, 2024

You Say You Want a Revolution?

First a $700+B spending spree and now a budget with a $1.2+T deficit?


There’s more and Doug Ross has it all.

To quote the Beatles: “When you talk about destruction, don’t ya know that you can count me out?”


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2 thoughts on “You Say You Want a Revolution?

  1. Do you even know what is in the Stimulus package? I suggest you start by totaling up the projects that this url leads you to – http://www.stimuluswatch.org/project/by_state/IN – and figure out just how many A&E Firms, Construction Contractors and Inspectors this will employ. Then come back and tell us the specifics of your objections not just mouthing Rush’s bylines. Here are a few projects by state.

    Alabama (318 projects)
    Alaska (46 projects)
    Arizona (743 projects)
    Arkansas (199 projects)
    California (1971 projects)
    Colorado (201 projects)
    Connecticut (449 projects)
    Delaware (7 projects)
    Washington, D.C. (8 projects)
    Florida (1752 projects)
    Georgia (266 projects)
    Hawaii (316 projects)
    Idaho (348 projects)
    Illinois (1031 projects)
    Indiana (713 projects)
    Iowa (51 projects)
    Kansas (139 projects)
    Kentucky (524 projects)
    Louisiana (433 projects)
    Maine (72 projects)
    Maryland (54 projects)
    Massachusetts (266 project s)
    Michigan (782 projects)
    Minnesota (335 projects)
    Mississippi (552 projects)
    Missouri (403 projects)
    Montana (57 projects)
    Nebraska (154 projects)
    Nevada (163 projects)
    New Hampshire (0 projects)
    New Jersey (261 projects)
    New Mexico (215 projects)
    New York (289 projects)
    North Carolina (319 projects)
    North Dakota (61 projects)
    Ohio (847 projects)
    Oklahoma (223 projects)
    Oregon (159 projects)
    Pennsylvania (352 projects)
    Puerto Rico (340 projects)
    Rhode Island (116 projects)
    South Carolina (271 projects)
    South Dakota (30 projects)
    Tennessee (103 projects)
    Te xas (1240 projects)
    Utah (298 projects)
    Vermont (61 projects)
    Virginia (400 projects)
    Washington (368 projects)
    West Virginia (1 project)
    Wisconsin (358 proje cts)
    Wyoming (85 projects)

  2. Without a calculator I can’t even count all of these projects. And we’re supposed to believe that the Dems studied the needs of each state to distinguish the worthy from the unworthy?

    Please! I might have been born at night, figuratively speaking, but I wasn’t born last night.

    You’ll also notice I didn’t drill into the next level of inquiry, which Democrats’ due diligence should have, specifically whether these projects’ characteristics are such that they will actually stimulate the economy.

    The burden of proof isn’t on me anyway – it’s on the people who just appropriated $700+B without reading the bill their staffers wrote.

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