May 30, 2024

Liberal Tea Party Protest Fails to Boil

Ed Frank went to the New Way Forward rally that Jane Hamsher helped promote and has this to report about the left’s answer to conservatives’ “tea parties” that have turned out tens of thousands of people to protest against Barack Obama’s massive deficit spending plan.

Frank says:

The group’s website claimed that 438 people planned to attend. But only about a dozen lonely souls showed.

Turnout was so bad that one of the organizers tried to claim that DC rallies “always set the record for low turnout.” Guess that guy’s never heard of the March on Washington. Or the Million Man March. Or this week’s Taxpayer Tea Party on April 15.

Hardly surprising.  It’s the same thing that happens every time the left tries to do anything that doesn’t involve government payouts to its constituents.  Look at Air America as a prime example – nobody wants to listen to the liberal agenda unless they have to.  Sans Fairness Doctrine, no one ever will.  Same thing here.

I have to say that Jane was looking particularly fetching in her gray faux beret.  Too bad about the bald-faced lie she told about Fox News being behind the real tea parties.  Small wonder that she failed to answer Frank’s question afterward.  I think she looked a little like Michelle Bachmann, don’t you?  Not literally; I mean in that “Oh, you were listening to what I said and expect me to back it up” sort of way.

Perhaps that’s part of the reason behind FDL’s lack of a sustainable business model.


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