November 29, 2023

Twitter Updates for 2009-08-04

  • Bill Clinton's trip to North Korea has resulted in the release of two imprisoned Americans. Good work, Bill. #
  • World Health Org says 2B will get the H1N1 ne "swine" flu before "flu pandemic" ends. #
  • 3 white morons attack a black ice cream truck man in my old neighborhood. Stupid idiots. #
  • Police in Sudan beat women at journalist's "pants" trial. Can't a government admit it's wrong? Or a religion? #
  • Cheating husband gets his comeuppance – nice – and the women get arrested – not nice. Be a fun jury to be sitting on… #
  • Nice to see that immigration/customs is capable of busting illegals who are sex offenders… Why the delay, tho? #

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