April 24, 2024

The Cad Who Got What He Deserved

image I don’t often disagree with Sister Toldjah – she’s one of my favorite conservative bloggers – but the case of the cheated-upon wife and the mistresses ganging up on the jerk who was having his way with all of them is one time when I don’t think she’s right.

Seems to me the cad got a taste of what he had coming and not the whole enchilada at that. As ST points out, society is indeed prejudiced against men when it comes to punishment for this sort of behavior. It’s undoubtedly true that men would have been sentenced much more harshly.

Nevertheless, the fact of the matter is that the serial philanderer got off easy and the women really didn’t do anything particularly egregious to him. To riff of of ST, it’s not cute, it’s not funny, but it is just deserts. As far as crime and punishment goes, a little legal discretion should be the outcome of this case.


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