December 10, 2023

Twitter Updates for 2009-08-05

  • Egyptians protest film's naming of dog after Anwar Sadat. Time to lighten – and grow – up, people. #
  • Democrat Patrick Leahy is blocking aid to Mexico to be used to fight drug lords in that country. What body count? #
  • Obama incites healthcare supporters: "independent or…Republican. I want you to argue with them and get in their face.“ Liberal bully? #
  • Saudi-funded London mosque hosts Muslim anti-Semite; Geert Wilders is banned from U.K. Where's the vaunted Brit logic? #
  • Robby George's must-read on why the Supreme Court should stay out of the gay marriage debate: #
  • President Obama is said to receive 30 death threats a day. Hey nut jobs, peace out, be smart and vote Republican. #
  • Jennifer Rubin says that more Tennesee Titans cheerleaders have formal science training than do members of Congress. #
  • Russian subs skulking off the east coast? WTF? I suppose it's over the top to think about sinking one or two of them? #
  • Swearing in Ahmadinejad dooms Iranians to more lost years, thanks to Khameini and the other theocratic thugs. #

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