May 20, 2024

On the Left’s One-Way Culture of Protest

The left’s whining in recent days about conservatives who have stood up and protested against their health care agenda item – including some from President Obama – is both comical and ridiculous considering who started the Age of our Discontent way back around the time I was born.

Regarding the ridiculous, Jason Arvak says all that needs to be said very succinctly:

I doubt that memories are so short that people don’t recall who it was that pioneered sit-ins and shout-downs as the method for short-circuiting discussion. For example, leftist mob thuggery has been a major factor shutting down dissenting speech on college campuses and at political rallies for decades with no sign of objection from the same people who now express grave concerns about right-wing protest groups. The same people who lionized Cindy Sheehan suddenly claim to be all about law and order and quiet debate — it’s laughable.

Message to leftists — you guys wrote the script for endless protest. Now you have to live with it or, if you’re willing, to help change it by actually engaging in argument instead of rhetorical bullying.

As for the comical, California Senator Barbara Boxer – to whom being a national joke is no unusual state – was recently caught on camera saying that she could tell that conservative protesters were put-ups because they were too well-dressed have genuine concerns about the trillions of dollars Democrats plan to spend on health care and other programs.  That this is money we don’t have must be said once again.

What Boxer and her liberal cronies fail to understand is the true nature – and the true danger – of what their plans have awoken.  You see, the people who are turning up at tea parties and tax protests and health care town halls are the real America, the educated, employed, middle-class citizens that do most of the working and employing and paying for this country’s already bloated and out-of-control government superstructure. 

Has America’s Silent Majority finally decided to pay attention to what the far left is trying to do with their money and their future?  Nice thought, but frankly I doubt it.  Nevertheless, Democrats should tremble at the prospect; their control of government is based on that silence and their agenda hangs on it continuing.  Small wonder they’ve been busy trying to shut the protesters up.

As a final comment about Boxer’s ludicrous statement about dress, Jason also has something to add:

…the self-conscience ethic of extreme “dressing down” and general filthiness that seems to have prevailed among some in the leftist protest subculture has certainly been consistent since the “hippies” of the 1960s, but until Senator Boxer educated me, I was completely unaware that it had become mandatory.

Liberals.  What can you do but ROFL?


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