April 24, 2024

A Country Gone Mad

The United Kingdom is our parent country in many respects; however, it seems that our cousins across the Atlantic have gone mad, first with their kow-towing to Muslim extremism in their streets and now by actively seeking out – and presumedly correcting – racist toddlers:

Teachers are being forced to report children as young as three to the authorities for using alleged ‘racist’ language, it was claimed last night.

Munira Mirza, a senior advisor to London Mayor Boris Johnson, said schools were being made to spy on nursery age youngsters by the Race Relations Act 2000.

More than a quarter of a million children have been accused of racism since it became law, she said.

Writing in Prospect magazine, she said: ‘The more we seek to measure racism, the more it seems to grow.

Wow, that’s a profound statement.  Of course, the more I seek to count yellow cars, the more of them I seek to find.  Moreover, even if the thought police were proven correct, racism is a natural part of the human concern.  Ugly, yes.  Undesirable, yes.  A matter for government action?  No.


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