June 18, 2024

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I read quite a few news sites and blogs and never ran across the case of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom until David Broussard began to wonder why the case, one of the most horrific that I’ve ever read about, wasn’t getting any attention from the mainstream media. David says:

There are those that say that it is because the victims are White and the alleged perpetrators are Black. I hope that this is not the case. It certainly has many of the ingredients of on of the myriad national media storms that we see from time to time. Granted, it is missing the most important element (they caught the alleged killers quickly and so there was no breathless speculation as to the whereabouts of the missing couple.

Still, one does wonder why this case is getting no attention from the media outside of Knoxville when we were inundated with coverage of Anna Nichol Smith’s death, or the Duke Lacrosse non-rape.

Later Sister Toldjah pointed me to her write-up of the case, one referenced a Wikipedia article describing the macabre crime in such detail that I’m only now getting it out of my head a week later. It’s too disgusting to reproduce here.

ST says:

Imagine this: A young black couple in Knoxville, TN go out for a night on the town, but instead are viciously murdered – their bodies mutilated and burned, after being brutally gang raped, sodomized, and tortured at the hands of five white thugs. The story easily makes it onto the front page of the national news, right? For weeks, we hear of little else outside of the manhunt that takes place for the suspected perps. Pictures of the perps are shown on national TV, and the mediots play up the racial angle of the crime, which leads to commentary from purveyors of ’social justice’ exclaiming that the white suspects are guilty of what ‘all’ white people are guilty of, and that’s ‘hating black people’, in this case, to the extreme.

Such a crime did in fact occur, but reverse the races: the perps were black, and the victims were Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom

The media’s dereliction of duty didn’t start with the Christian/Newsom murders nor, unfortunately, will it end with them because, just like Democrats, the media would rather sensationalize and side with groups of people that have historically been viewed as ‘helpless minorities’ rather than actually report the facts as they stand

Assuming the information about the case is accurate and the 5 rapist killers are convicted of their crimes, is there any room for debate over what their fate should be?

What possible “mitigating circumstances”, to coin a favorite liberal non sequitor, could justify the perpetrators’ multiple dehumanizing acts performed on a pair of innocent young people?

There are none, of course. There can be none.

If anything, the American version of the death penalty is too good for these sorts of animals. Certainly they are not worth keeping alive on the taxpayers’ dime.

Neither is Kenisha Berry, who was convicted of murdering her 4 day old son in 1998 in Jefferson County, TX. Another terrible crime, one that she received the death penalty for, but not right away:

The 4-day-old child remained unidentified and the case remained unsolved for five years until the Beaumont woman was identified as the mother of a newborn girl, Paris, found alive, but abandoned and covered with fire ants in a ditch in June 2003.

Now it seems that we’ll be paying approximately $1 million dollars to keep Berry on the dole for the rest of her life:

the appeals court said that Jefferson County prosecutors misstated the special issue presented to jurors regarding Berry’s likelihood of being a future danger to society. The question of future dangerousness is one jurors consider when they are deliberating a death sentence.

Future danger? The murderess left a second child for dead in a damn ditch and the appeals court has questions about whether she’s a future danger to society? That was in the future, relative to the crime. With rulings like this one it’s the courts that are a danger to society.

Is there no authority in this country with the courage to see justice done?

Before anyone comments about my burning desire for Christian retribution or other similar nonsense, take 60 seconds to contemplate the question below.
What do you think Hugh Newsom Jr. would want to have done to the animals who fucked him up the ass – repeatedly – before they cut off his penis and shot him dead?

One portion of justice, arguably the least part, is retribution – retribution for the victims. That’s why white collar criminals pay restitution – it’s an attempt to make the victim whole.
Of course, Channon Christian will never be whole again on Earth, will she?

That cruel, inescapable fact demands a response in kind. Hugh and Channon’s memory demands it. Justice demands it. When the killers are proved guilty – whether the current suspect or others – their polluting presence should be permanently removed from the world.

All Americans of good conscious ought to agree on that, regardless of race, creed, or color.


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