July 18, 2024

Bad Medicine

Shuo-Shan Wang, 29, was found guilty by a jury Friday for performing a voluntary castration on another man without a license“, says CNN.com.

What kind of numb-nuts, pardon my half-pun, actually wants to get neutered on some guy’s kitchen table?

But perhaps the bigger questions are, given the voluntary nature of the “operation“:

1. Why is the government prosecuting Wang over this matter? This question is asked from a freedom and liberty perspective. His patient wanted a service and he rendered it. Where’s the harm to society? Isn’t the protection of society the purpose of law? Think about it.

2. Why is the government wasting their time and our money over this matter? The last time I checked there was a hue and cry from state governments about how little money they have to spend. Here’s the “state” of Michigan’s budget. Well, perhaps if they’d use it a bit more wisely…


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