June 18, 2024

Sniper Hypes Gun Control

By now, everyone in America knows about the D.C. area sniper. Read the CNN.com story.

In a political slap, Democrats today said Republican movement on gun control was due to their physical cowardice overcoming political stakes in the ground. Meanwhile, interesting stories abound in regards to the issue.
Read one story on CNN.com.

In a bit of political gamesmanship, President Bush suggests the idea of a national database of gun fingerprints “requires experts to look into the technological and feasibility issues of such a system and to determine if it would be an effective tool in fighting crime”. NPR reports the ATF has already done this study and found that it would help. Read the summary on CNN.com.

The fact of the matter is that such a database is an obvious help to law enforcement. Therefore, it is the bane of the NRA crowd. As for technical feasibility, it’s a no-brainer. It’s so simple, even a government agency couldn’t screw it up.


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