June 18, 2024

British Illegal Wants to go Home

Mokhtar Tabet dislikes living in Britain rather a lot it seems:

He said: “The council evicted me from my home in September and moved me to Streatham, which I don’t like.

“The new place is small, and the kitchen closes at 9pm, so I can’t have anything to eat late at night. They have taken away my human rights.”

He moaned: “I miss Algeria. The English people are not helpful, they are so unfriendly and rude.

“I thought I had made friends in Croydon, but when I ask them for money they don’t give me it, so I know they can’t be my friends.”

“Croydon Council only gives me food vouchers, they won’t give me cash. I want the money.

“I have nothing to buy new clothes with, I have to go to a refugee centre. But if there’s not anything nice there, you leave with nothing.

“I want the council to give me a bigger flat and money instead of vouchers.”

Mr. Tabet is free to go at any time, so what’s the problem?  Seems he doesn’t want to pay for his own ticket back to Algeria and wants the British government to do it for him.

Wow.  The “poor me” routine and “let me spit on the country that took me in”, and all that rot would be hilarious if the clown didn’t actually believe he’s entitled to have his demands met. 

Sad to say, I expect that Tabet believes exactly that.  Still funny, though, in a “look at me, I’m a self-indulgent moron” sort of way.

On a more serious note, this little case demonstrates with cutting clarity the problem with government welfare programs as persistent social programs – they breed dependents rather than cure people by making them self-sufficient. 

While not achievable in every case, the goal of every government assistance program should be to make welfare recipients capable of doing without the program’s services.  


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