May 29, 2024

A Modicum of Justice

In Indonesia Muhammad Basri was convicted of beheading 3 Christian schoolgirls in 2005 and sentenced to a whopping 19 years in prison.  He was also convicted of shooting two other students and a priest in 2004.

So that’s what a Christian’s life is worth in Indonesia?  5 years in the clink, where he’ll strut around like a banty rooster and be treated like a god for his heroic actions.  Some justice.  I suppose I should be glad the bastard was found guilty at all but for some reason it’s not in me to do so.

Over the summer I had the opportunity to talk to a college student who had just come back from a mission trip to Indonesia and I queried her about the danger from the Muslim population there.  She admitted it was a concern but that she’d never felt physically threatened and that she’d like to go back and work in the village where she’d stayed again.  Brave girl.

To me Indonesia sounds like a good place to stay away from.  Of course that’s the entire goal of Basri and those like him – to drive Christians and the other infidels away from Muslim lands and the obvious purity of spirit exists therein.  And – and everywhere they are, have been, or will be is considered Muslim territory.

From the article:

Basri was sentenced to 19 years in prison after he was convicted in the beheadings of three high-school students in October 2005 and the shooting of a priest and two students in 2004 — all in Central Sulawesi province.

Basri stood before the judge as the verdict was read, shouting “Allah akbar,” or God is great, and saying the killings were part of a holy war, or jihad.

“We were willing to face the death penalty,” he said.

That was not to be, unfortunately.

But I do have to give Basri this much credit:  At least he stood up in front of the world and told the truth about what his purpose in life is and how far he is willing to go to realize it.

Basri’s are words to listen to, not because there is any wisdom or intellect in them but because they are mirrored in the empty minds of too many thoughtless fools just like him all across the globe.


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