July 18, 2024

Denmark On a Roll

First the Danes foiled a conspiracy to murder journalists and artists linked to the Mohammed cartoons.  Then, to prove the power of free speech, Danish (and other) newspapers reprinted the images.

Now Danish legislators have refused Iran’s demand that they condemn re-publication.

A group of Danish lawmakers has canceled a trip to Iran because Tehran demanded they condemn the reprinting of Prophet Muhammad cartoons in newspapers.

Mette Vestergaard, a committee official, confirmed the cancellation. "The Iranian ambassador asked the Foreign Policy Committee to condemn the drawings. They can’t and they won’t"

My great-grandmother emigrated from Copenhagen around 1910 but I’ve never had a chance to go to Denmark.  I’d like to, someday. 

Judging from recent events, the country seems to be unique among European nations in its desire to keeps itself free of the Islamic invasion that has caused so many cultural, legal, and criminal problems in France, England, Spain, and Germany, among others.


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