May 30, 2024


I watched Fitna, the short anti-Islam film by Dutch politician Geert Wilders’ that’s been in the news lately.  Wilders was not able to get the film shown on television in The Netherlands and then was unable to show it on at due to Network Solutions’ interference.  Nevertheless, it’s out in the wild now and has garnered several million viewers by this point.

I believe everyone should watch the film.  It’s somewhere between PG-13 and R-rated material, so sparing the youngsters would be best.  But it’s their world too and they should know, at a less graphic level, the very real threat to their future that Europe is incubating.

In truth, Fitna falls short of telling the whole truth.  Honor rapes and killings, female genital mutilation, and the murder of adulterous women, for instance, are given only the most cursory of coverage.  Par for the course in a 14 minute short, I suppose, but essential information when it comes to understanding on a personal level what life in a world controlled by Islam would be like.  Not good.

Fitna is a must-see not for its completeness nor for its quality.  But it is a reminder of what too many westerners, comfortable in the security of their privileged lifestyles, choose to ignore, whether by conscious decision, ignorance, or information overload.  Islam is a danger to western society that too many refuse to acknowledge because the price of understanding this truth would be too high for them to pay. 

As a movement, Islam has no respect for the rule of law, democracy, human rights, or national Constitutions.  While many, many Muslims are peaceful, law-abiding human beings, it must be understood that they are not leading the process of Islamic radicalization that’s taking place in many countries around the world.  Rather, it’s the radical, anti-western fringe that is in control, much as radical Germans and Russian agitators moved those nations early in the last century.

Think it can’t happen again?  Better think twice.  In 1900, who could have imagined Lenin as the ruler of a Soviet Russia?  The idea was preposterous.  Yet it happened because he was able to generate a core force of true-believers who would stop at nothing in their attempt to force their morality on the rest of the country.

As I’ve written many times before, Islam is infinitely more dangerous than Communism ever was for one simple reason:  In their hearts of hearts, the Reds never truly believed in their own dogma.  Muslims do.

Watch the film.  And read the discussion about it here and elsewhere.


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