June 16, 2024

Paul Supporters to Rebel at Convention?

Andrew Malcom says that Ron Paul’s supporters are planning a rebellion against the mainstream Republican powers who are essentially lined up behind John McCain.  While everyone has been watching the Obama-Clinton brawl,

quietly, largely under the radar of most people, the forces of Rep.Ron Paul have been organizing across the country to stage an embarrassing public revolt against Sen. John McCain when Republicans gather for their national convention in St. Paul at the beginning of September.

Paul, who’s only won 19 delegates to-date and has few prospects of capturing more, is known for wanting to see the federal government effectively neutered – not necessarily a bad thought in itself – and for allowing the publication of neo-Nazi propaganda in his personal newsletters.

Truth be told, Paul is a bit of a crank.  But that doesn’t mean that the crack in the party that his supporters represent should be papered over so that Republicans can present the facade of unity behind McCain.

In my opinion it was a minor disgrace that Mr. Paul’s supporters were shut down in Nevada before being given a chance to voice their support for him.

By muscling out Paul, Republican leaders are guilty of the same fearful weakness that is so prevalent in the left wing of the Democratic party. 

Hillary Clinton should drop out, the progressives say, because Demcrats must unite behind Barack Obama in order to defeat the Republicans.  They are afraid of the competition, as if Obama’s glass jaw might shatter under the next jab from Mrs. Clinton.

Too many Republicans feel the same way about John McCain. In fact, he does not represent the views of many, many Republicans on issues like abortion, immigration, and taxation.

But Republicans need to get over their fear.  Disagreement, discussion, and eventual agreement would strengthen rather than weaken Republicans at a time when the party is in what can only be termed disarray.  It’s time we had that discussion instead of fretting over John McCain’s poll numbers.

Paul’s planned rebellion could well humiliate John McCain if it comes off.  Far better to diffuse the potentially volatile situation by acknowledging the validity of certain of Paul’s positions, such as fiscal responsibility. lower tax rates, and a bloated federal government that has exceeded its Constitutional bounds.


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