June 16, 2024

Mumbai Under Terrorist Attack; 80 Dead

A previously unknown terrorist organization called the Deccan Mujahideen has claimed responsibility for multiple brutal, synchronized attacks in Mumbai, India.  The Times of India reports least 80 people have died so far, with perhaps 200 more people held hostage

A later report indicates that the Indian Army stormed the Hotel Taj and the Oberoi Trident, capturing 9 terrorists alive.  Reports on Twitter indicate that at least 1 terrorist was killed, while the Times reports 2 of them are dead.

New Zealand’s One News speculates that Deccan Mujahideen name is meaningless and perhaps a simple alias for Al Qaeda.  That’s unclear at this point, as are the motivations behind the well-planned and vicious attacks, and I wonder if it’s important.

What is clear is that the world is a dangerous place and it’s still filled with murderous misanthropes like those that killed hundreds in Bali and thousands in New York City. 

There are two ways to respond to attacks on civilization by such savages:  capitulation or confrontation.  The effects of the former are clear – Sharia, anyone? – which is why the policy of confrontation pursued by the Bush administration is, if not a marvel of success, at least an attempt to deal with terrorists on a proactive basis. 

The fact that he’s largely gone it alone – particularly since John Howard was defeated in Australia last year – is quite simply a disgrace free countries everywhere.  Thus emboldened, this latest batch of terrorists have left Mumbai feeling the effects of an appeasement that should never have happened.


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