May 23, 2024

Darwinists Weigh in on Texas Education

Lisa Falkenberg’s commentary at the Houston Chronicle leaves no doubt that she’s in favor of teaching Texas children that Darwin’s theory about the origins of species as if it were proven, incontrovertible fact.  If only that were the case – then perhaps this tiresome debate could finally be put aside.

Darwin’s theory about our origins is just that – a theory supported by substantial evidence that is, to-date, still far from comprehensive.  Falkenberg and other Darwinists dismiss such inconvenient observations as mere trifles, ignoring the fact that by definition scientific proof is about known evidence and not about shepherding our theories past criticism.

As this debate has clearly shown there are large numbers of those who believe otherwise, including Falkenberg and Houston’s own Polimom, who says:

If the SBOE moves any further off the rails, the voting public (like me) will have to stumble out of our group lethargy and push (shove!!) back.   Hard.

Excuse me?  If Darwinists shove any harder they’ll be starting fistfights with those who dare to question Darwin’s assertion that mankind evolved from a protoplasmic slime mold.

The facts will ultimately speak for themselves.  In the interim, Darwin’s ideas about the origins of species must be taught as the theories that they are if we are to give children in this state the education they deserve. 

The purpose of the education system is to teach children the truth about the world which they are to inherit.  Presenting a theory as fact (or a fact as theory) is a poor way to do that.  Why?

  • It’s a lie and students, being expert liars themselves, see through them
  • The knowledge that their education is not based on truth demoralizes students
  • Demoralized students don’t have the desire to ask questions or to learn.  Why should they if they can’t be sure the answer they’ll be given is true?

Newtonian physics was every bit as entrenched at one point as Darwinism is today.  Yet Einstein’s work ultimately displayed Newton’s as the basis for modern physics.  Where would modern science be had Newton’s theories been brandished about as undeniable facts and Einstein and his contemporaries barred from pursuing their research by Newton’s fanboys?

Every theory has its strengths and weaknesses and these characteristics need to be evaluated objectively for what they are, both in the classroom and in our own lives. 


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