June 18, 2024

When Memory Conveniently Shortens

Desperado says that the “extreme right-wing” has gone of the deep end because Rush Limbaugh said that Barack Obama might not give up the reigns of power in 2016.

I have three specific problems with the article beyond its general aim of inciting the liberal crowd.  First, Rush Limbaugh is not the extreme right.  Not even close.  I haven’t listened to his show in at least 10 years but I know that he’s not prone to shaving his head and putting on the silly white robes that the KKK wears or fantasizing about installing the Fourth Reich here in America.  That’s the extreme right and they are people who need to be feared and marginalized.

Second, Curtis Coleman’s fears of a future in which Americans do not remember what it was like to live in a truly free republic are not without a basis in reality.  The Bush administration opened the door to warrant-less wiretapping and the Obama administration will, if at all possible, eliminate the private medical system as we know it after having already nationalized GM and Chrysler.  Where will the liberal agenda end?  It won’t, given the current political make-up of Washington – not until the money runs out, which might not be long.

Third, it has been less than a year since “extreme left-wing” pundits and wanna-be’s were accusing former President Bush of plotting to declare a state of emergency that would somehow have allowed him to stay in office.  Such reports ran rampant on liberal web sites last year and were not checked by saner voices on the left.

How quickly they forget.  How convenient that is.


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